OmegaCare Duty of Care Chatbot AWS

“Organizations have a legal obligation to keep employees out of harm’s way. Laws hold a company responsible for the safety and security of its employees while they are working. This is known as ‘duty of care’ and it specifically applies when employees are traveling for business purposes. Duty of care applies not only to foreign travel, but also local and domestic travel.  Usual, it takes significant time and effort for an organization to determine travel risk areas and travelers at risk. Omega World Travel help our customers address this risk.” Nadim Hajje VP, Information Technology & Data Analytics at Omega World Travel.

“Omega World Travel needed a solution that can provide timely information on simple user-based queries to help manage Duty of Care obligations and we turned towards Datastrong as a certified Amazon Web Services Partner to help us build a solution.” Said Nadim Hajje.

“Datastrong was engaged by Omega World Travel to create a Travel Service focused Chatbot integrated with the customer’s business intelligent solution.” said Chris Wright VP of Sales for Datastrong.   “We focused on understanding Omega’s business challenge and aligned Datastrong’s top technical resources to develop a solution.”

“After working with Omega to understand their business requirements we leveraged technology including Amazon Lex, AWS API Gateway, and Lambda and integrated those solutions with the Datawarehouse and Business Intelligence tools running on AWS.” said Tony Buendia Datastrong Senior Manager, Business Intelligence & Analytics and certified AWS Architect.

“Datastrong recommended the AWS technology stack as it provided Omega World Travel with a solution that could be rapidly deployed to meet the business requirements and offer the high availability, reliability, and scalability to address future growth. The AWS stack allowed Omega to eliminate many manual and time-consuming processes to help the business get the information they needed quicker”, continued Tony Buendia.

“Omega teamed up with Datastrong and AWS to create the ideal solution enabling us to better serve our customers and their employees”. Nadim Hajje VP, Information Technology & Data Analytics at Omega World Travel.